Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

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Lil Dicky last music video featuring Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, SIA, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, John Legend, Backstreet Boys, etc.

The Earth needs our help. If we don’t make massive changes to our behavior over the next twelve years, the damage we’ve done to this planet will be irreversible. Oceans will be destroyed, super storms will become even more super, cities will flood, the air will suck, and we’ll run out of food and energy. And not in a couple of hundred years either, scientists say it's right around the corner. But the power to prevent this is in our hands! We can save the Earth!!! Check out the links below to learn how to get involved.

Meet The Artist Behind These Viral 3D Animations

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Oliver Latta aka Extraweg is a Berlin-based 3D art director and artist. His uncanny animations feature humans and human body parts. He opened a creative studio after his animations went viral on Instagram and other social media in 2017. Extraweg is an artistic and commercial project by Berlin-based art director and artist Oliver Latta. In his work, which is inspired by everyday situations, Oliver plays with humans and human body parts. He animates bodies in unconventional and provocative ways, forcing the viewer to think. After studying design in Dessau, Germany, Oliver started working as a motion designer at Sehsucht, a world-renowned filmmaking, animations and visual effects studio in Germany. At Sehsucht he came across Cinema 4D, a computer application for 3D animations and motion graphics, and decided to take his learning further by testing the app at home, creating animations on his own, and sharing them on Instagram under the name "Extraweg". What started as a learning test, soon turned out to be Oliver's next career step. In 2017, in fact, the Extraweg Instagram account reached immediate popularity. Today, Extraweg has become both an art project and a business, where Oliver develops commercial works for international clients.

Ryoji Ikeda on Times Square

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test pattern [times square] 2014 by Ryoji Ikeda was filmed and edited by David Bates, Jr. / Streaming Museum. test pattern for Times Square Midnight Moment October 1 - 31, on view every night from 11:57 to midnight, has been presented in partnership with the French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF)'s Crossing the Line Festival and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Migos Cover of Sweet Caroline

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James Corden links up with Quavo, Offset and Takeoff - the trio that make up Migos - for a drive through Los Angeles singing their biggest songs. James also apologizes for contributing to the destruction of the dab, and Migos uses some of the large amount of cash they brought for the ride for a quick shopping spree.

Björk’s Custom Gucci Gown for The Gate

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Creating Björk's custom Gucci gown for her new single The Gate. The design by Alessandro Michele took approximately 550 hours to make, and an additional 320 hours for the embroidery. The dress's fabrics include 5 meters of pleated iridescent PVC plastic material, 3 meters of PVC iridescent strips and 20 meters of pleated lurex organza.
the official video for the gate from björk's new album utopia.